8th - 31st November 2007

Whatever your tradition of practice, welcome to Parayana!

I have added a lot of background material - borrowed writings on Sakyamuni and his early disciples. There is a large section on the Buddha's women disciples by Dr. Bimala Churn Law. Also new extracts from Sangharakshita's wanderings in India. All this new material is found in the Archive under March.

The next Sakyamuni Heartland pilgrimage runs from the 8th to the 31st of November. Then 22nd December 2007 - 16th Jan 2008.

Our fifth Sakyamuni Heartland pilgrimage for the first time visits all the Four Places of Pilgrimage, The Eight Great Pilgrimage Places, and the Four Unalterable Places for All Buddhas.

Starting from Delhi we visit Sankissa, Kosambi, Sravasti, Kapilavastu, Lumbini, Kushinagar, the great stupa at Kessaputta, Vaisali, Nalanda, Rajgir, the Vultures Peak and Buddha Gaya – for the full moon. We have a short retreat at Buddha Gaya; explore mountains and caves, shrines and temples. Then, on to Sarnath with a boat trip tour of vivacious Varanasi before getting the overnight train back to Delhi.

It’s a spacious pilgrimage, with a rhythm of one day of travel followed by two nights and one day at a holy site. So, we get into our leisurely stride, get into our practice, get into the pilgrimage and gather lots of impressions – all perfect preparation for a full moon beneath the Bodhi Tree.

There are some interesting links - check out the books for sale online, some are links to Amazon bargains. Windhorse give a 10% discount on all books ordered online – and Bhante’s Crossing the Stream is a snip at £ 1.99.

There are also links to two other pilgrimage sites I am starting to develop; Parayana – news and information about our service and team, and Urgyen Sangharakshita – for the Teachers of the Present pilgrimage.

I lead the Sakyamuni Heartland pilgrimage twice a year, together the new Mandala of Enlightenment pilgrimage. Please contact me about Pilgrimage to India or Nepal, now or in the future.

These sites are growing; so book-mark and return for the occasional look.

Take Care