The Classic Buddhist Pilgrimage

8th - 31st November

Sakyamuni and the early Sangha come to life. The Suttas you have read and the stories you have heard spring into three dimensions and burst into colour. The Bodhisattva, Mayadevi, Prajapati Gotami, and King Suddhodana, Yashodhara and Rahula, Chanda and Khantaka, The Buddha, Ananda and Anathapindika, Sariputta and Moggallana, Dhammadinna, and Maha Kassapa-they leave the halls of memory and walk beside us, sit with us, smile upon us – at least in our imagination.

We go back two thousand five hundred years, into the world of Siddhartha, the first Buddhist dawn, and the early Sangha. In imagination, we go back in time, but in our bodies, we walk, sit and reflect where those worthy-ones actually walked, sat and taught. At last, you can fill in the colours and populate your mind with images of the landscapes the Buddha lived in, and the peoples he lived amongst. At night, we hear the sounds the Buddha heard. By day, we see faces, fields, rivers, trees, and rocky hills pretty much as the Buddha saw them.

It’s a leisurely yet true pilgrimage,
through incredible India,
to places of real significance.