Getting There is Half the Journey

Say not so Ananda, say not so. It is the whole of the Journey.

Tea at the Yama Cafe - Kushinagar

At least we think so and take extra care to ensure that you go to bed relaxed and happy, and rise fresh to a new day of wonder and delight.

We meet everyone at Arrivals. Our Coaches are good; air-conditioned so we avoid most of the dust, with more seats than we need so we can spread out and move around. The roads between the holy sites are sometimes narrow and bumpy and we occasionally average as little as 15 -20 kms per hour. However, mostly we will be cruising at 40-50 kms per hour through a vast and fascinating countryside. You see the most amazing things at practically every glance and the misty mornings and hazy sunsets can be hauntingly beautiful.

We have a good amount of time at the holy sites and hope to arrive by the late afternoon. Most pilgrimage groups arrive in the late afternoon and leave first-thing the next morning – they travel every day and do the round in 7 or 8 days. If we get into the rhythm of the pilgrimage, and use our time well, we should be able to generate and maintain a solid pilgrimage atmosphere —and have a comfortable, spacious and inspiring Pilgrimage.

We stay in Buddhist Dharamsala’s – pilgrim’s accommodation within Monasteries, mostly in rooms of 4. At some places, we may be able to get a few double rooms.

In addition to our team of Indian and Nepalese helpers, we take our own cooking team, which means we eat well and save time.
Toby serenades aboard the Shiv Ganga Express