In Brief

Sravasti's Ancient Walls

When: Next - 8th November – 1st December 2007. 24 Days on pilgrimage in India

We offer this Sakyamuni Heartland pilgrimage twice a year – Usually in November and Jan/Feb.

Cost: The commercial value of the 24 day pilgrimage is high but our Pilgrims simply agree to cover the remarkably low costs (between 225 and 400 UK Pounds depending on the size of the group), and then make a donation towards Dharma and Social projects we sponsor.

Included: All accommodation transport food and site fees.

Not included: Airfares and Insurance.

Connections: Delhi is our start and end point. Everyone is met at Arrivals at the beginning of the pilgrimage, and accompanied to Departures at the conclusion.

Travel: 10 – 20 pilgrims, plus guide and team. Travel by spacious AC Coach. Bags are carried by our Team.

Accommodation and Food: We stay in simple, clean and atmospheric Pilgrims accommodation. Our own cooks ensure good safe food.

More Information: When you book we send you information sheets covering; Spiritual Preparation, Visas, Insurance, What to Take, What to Expect, Health and Safety, Recommended Reading, Detailed Itinerary, Character Notes, Literary Extracts and the Practice of Pilgrimage.

Pilgrimage Guide: Dharmachari Ratnaketu.


Booking: Contact us at